Monday, June 27, 2011

Kit Kat Cola and Lemon Soda Flavor

Of all of the Japanese Kit Kats that I've tried so far, these might be some of the strangest flavors, haha.  However, I figured they must be ok enough for me to try out, haha.


First the lemon Kit Kat - it's a white chocolate base with a lemon soda taste.  It definitely had a different taste than a regular lemon flavor that desserts might have.  It's hard to describe but just trust me on this haha.  I didn't really enjoy this flavor as much as if it had just been a straightforward lemon taste.  

The Cola flavor was definitely... different, haha.   If any of you have ever tried cola flavored candies from Japan before, this tastes pretty much like any of those.  It's a sweet, almost caramel-y flavor that definitely smells like cola.  I really wonder how they make this flavor into a chocolate snack and make it smell so much like soda.  

To be fair, I think these Kit Kats were made more for the "exotic" factor vs. a long-term fan favorite flavor, haha.  There are tons of Kit Kats that are created all the time in the Japanese market, and while these will not go on my "must try" lists anytime soon, I'm happy that I got to try out these flavors at least once, haha.