Friday, June 24, 2011

Koala's March Caramel Au Lait


A bit off-season, but I wanted to talk about these cute snacks anyway :o)  The Koala's March brand is v. good about putting out all sorts of seasonal flavors, which I look forward to trying whenever I get a chance.

These are a winter caramel au lait flavor, which you can also see in the picture of the yummy looking drink on the packaging.  With strong white chocolate and caramel notes, it smells v. much like those caramel syrups/coffee flavorings.  One interesting note about this particular flavor is the top right of the package (with the snowman) recommends heating these up for a different take on these cookies.  A quick zap in the microwave made the inside of these cookies soft and gooey, and super tasty as well.   If you're a fan of caramel flavors, these will be perfect for you!


  1. I <3 caramel! How long did you zap 'em for?

  2. @SNC: Maybe like 5 seconds - I didn't want them to blow up, haha.