Friday, June 10, 2011

Georgetown Cupcake - June Flavors

Georgetown Cupcake's special June cupcakes are Orange Blossom and White Chocolate Raspberry. 

The Orange Blossom cupcake is a "Fresh orange-infused vanilla cupcake with an orange-infused vanilla cream cheese frosting topped with a candied orange peel", and the White Chocolate Raspberry cupcake is a "Classic madagascar bourbon vanilla cupcake baked with fresh raspberries topped with a white chocolate buttercream frosting and a fondant flower". 

Unfortunately I won't be getting any new cupcakes this month because I've already had both of these flavors in the past.  But, for those of you that haven't tried them yet but are interested in doing so, here's the Orange Blossom post, and the White Chocolate Raspberry cupcake post!

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