Monday, July 12, 2010

Georgetown Cupcake: Orange Blossom + Free Coconut Key Lime Cupcakes

Two fresh and summery flavors for you today, from Georgetown Cupcake: Orange Blossom, and a special free flavor that day, Coconut Key Lime.  Once again, these specific flavors aren't exactly on my "Likes" list of life, but I bravely charged through these for the sake of trying every flavor- haha.

I will admit- for as much as I was assuming I'd hate these, they were v. fresh-tasting, unique, and "summer" in every way.  First- the Orange Blossom.  I don't have an issue with orange itself, I love oranges on their own.  My problem is with most fruit + something flavors, particularly Creamsicles, which I expected this to be like.  However, this was a good balance of fresh orange flavor with a hint of vanilla, so I enjoyed this one more than I expected.  I love the little candied orange peel and the specks of zest in the frosting too, v. cute.  

Now onto the Coconut Key Lime, the free off-the-menu cupcake for this particular day.  I had expected a coconut cupcake with lime frosting, but they got all fanci-fied on this one :o)  This turned out to be a coconut cupcake with a coconut and lime frosting, topped with both fresh and toasted coconut and a candy lime wedge.  I can't say that I'm a fan of coconut just yet, but the few bites I had of this weren't so bad, haha.  I loved the presentation, and how they really incorporated both components into the cucpake on the whole.  If you're a fan of coconut and/or lime, this would be fantastic- and for your sake, I hope they have it again soon!  


  1. Haha love that you got the coconut one again...I mean free is free ha

  2. love that they give free cupcakes!

  3. @Ashley: All in the name of the blog, haha.

    @KandS: I know, I love it but it's so bad too!

  4. are such a trooper! You can't beat free ;)

  5. Now THOSE are my type of cupcakes!

  6. @SNC: I know, I know :o)

    @Shannon: Yes def right up your alley!