Friday, July 2, 2010

Japanarama Review: Custard Waffle Koala's March


Ah, Koala's March.  One of the true staples of my childhood, back when they only came with the milk chocolate innards.  Nowadays they have expanded slightly, with limited edition/seasonal flavors popping up here and there.  Here's my review of the limited edition Winter Maple Milk flavor here. 

I loooooove me some custard waffles.  Whenever I go to Japan, there's a certain store/brand that sells these cute little filled waffles in some department stores, and we literally get as many as we can carry, haha.  They look like little mini waffle tacos filled with all sorts of flavored custard, as well as whipped cream, anko (sweet red bean paste), etc.  SO good.  However, this box caught my eye mainly because it was new/different to me, and not really for the Custard Waffle flavor.  Why you ask?  Because I knew what I was getting myself into in terms of expectations, haha.  I figured these would probably taste mainly of vanilla, and that's about it.

Turns out I was right for the most part.  The waft of artificial vanilla hits you as soon as you open the inner bag, and pretty much stays with you while you're eating these little koalas.  The thing is though, the crisp, thin shell of the koalas lends itself well to the "Custard Waffle" effect, because it's a different taste than the vanilla filling.  So it's kinda-sorta-almost-but-not-really like eating a crisp waffle that has custard inside, ha.  These are a tasty snack if you're more of a vanilla person or don't feel like regular chocolate.  


Each koala is drawn doing random tasks which is sorta fun to look at before you eat them, haha.  And I mean "random": these koalas are being hungry (ironic), , scuba diving, competing in a QUIZ show (??), dressed in a koala costume, eating ice cream, and bed-ridden with an illness.............  Anyway, if you've never tried Koala's March before, I recommend them for the cute Japan!!! factor and for being a tasty little snack.     

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