Friday, July 23, 2010

Review: SEI Restaurant

I was recently able to meet up with M and try out SEI Restaurant a few weeks back- sushi lovers unite!  SEI  is v. similar in atmosphere to Oya - should be, since they're owned by the same company, haha.  It's smaller though, so it feels a little more intimate than the club environment of Oya.  I came into this dinner thinking that if the food was anything like Oya, we'd be set, since I really liked it in the many times I've been before. 

Wasabi Guacamole

We split the Wasabi Guacamole to start- it was definitely one of the more interesting variations of guacamole I've had.  Definitely has a kick to it but not too much (I don't like wasabi, to be honest, and I still liked this).  The wonton chips were crispy and a welcome change from the regular tortilla chip.  Sleek presentation as well!  A great start to the meal while we were chit-chatting.


SOS Roll + Triple Tuna Roll

I got the SOS roll and the Triple Tuna roll - neither of which are currently on the online menu, so I can't tell you exactly what's on it...sorry!  But one of the components in the SOS roll is strawberry- yup, you read that right, strawberry.  Definitely sounded weird enough for me to try it, haha.  I have to say, the addition of strawberry was pretty good!  Added a light, sweet but not overwhelming component - much like adding fresh strawberry slices to a salad, I guess.  The Triple Tuna was really yummy, and though I couldn't exactly discern the three types of tuna in the roll, it was happily eaten, haha.  

Sorry that this post is vague, but I forgot to take notes on my Blackberry about the menu items (dorky, yes, but prevents memory loss like in this case).  I will say that the sushi was really tasty and there was LOTS more on the menu that we would've liked to try.  Check out M's post (including what she ordered) here.  The dining room was quiet when we got there but got a little more noisy by the time we were leaving.  I could see it being a fun weekend dinner-type place, especially since the decor is so modern and sleek.  I think there's also a bar-only happy hour that might be worth checking out.  I'll be back for sure! 

SEI Restaurant
444 7th Street NW
Washington DC 20004


  1. Haha...I do the same. That is, take notes on my Blackberry. ;) This sounds like a great place!

  2. Okay next time we dine together I will remind you to take notes! Glad we both had the guacamole despite our dislike for wasabi and that you also like to take photos of food! We're making our people proud :P

  3. @SNC: Haha, glad to hear I'm not alone!

    @Michelle: "Our people", haha!

  4. @Shannon: Happy Hour soon?