Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dupont Farmers Market Goodies

 Just wanted to share some recent finds at the Dupont Farmers Market, which runs every Sunday morning.  N recommended the ricotta cheese, which she used before for both savory and sweet dishes.  I got a small tub of the Keswick Creamery Whole Milk Ricotta, as well as a pack of Red Apron Mortadella Dogs for fun.  I figured I didn't *have* to eat these like hot dogs, and could use them like I would for sausage in a recipe.  


What I came up with is this easy dish right here: Rigatoni with sauteed mortadella dogs, fresh tomatoes, spinach, garlic, and whole milk ricotta.  First, I start cooking the pasta, and while that was going I cut up and sauteed the garlic and mortadella dogs.  Then I cut up and threw in the tomatoes to the pan for a few minutes.  Right before the pasta was finished cooking, I threw in handfuls of spinach to wilt in the pan.  At the v. last second I mixed in a few spoonfuls of the ricotta cheese along with some fresh cracked pepper.  So delicious!  I made the exact recipe again a few days later, I liked it so much, haha.  Not the most creative recipe, but super yummy and a good way to use up the stuff I bought!