Thursday, July 8, 2010

Blogger Brunch at Four Seasons DC, Seasons Restaurant - Part 2

Continuing from yesterday's post, here's my favorite part of the Four Seasons brunch - the DESSERTS!  Not to be outdone by all the yummy savory food, there is a separate room dedicated to *just* desserts...swoooooooooon.  Lots to look at here, so let's move on to the photos!

Chocolate fountain

One side of the main table
Creme brulee, mousse parfaits, macaron cakes, etc.

Side table: mini pies

S'mores, "Banana split" (scoops of flavored mousse)

Mini red velvet cupcakes!

Full shot of the main table

Mint lemonade, Berry cobbler

I swear, I didn't finish this plate, haha

More "artsy" angle

The pastry chef at the Four Seasons also surprised our table with an adorable Twitter-theme cake to celebrate their 1-year anniversary of being on Twitter!  Everyone was stuffed to the gills by the time this came out, so they generously provided slices to take home.

One thing I noticed about this cake is the interesting way they layered it.  You might notice that the inside layers aren't flat, but look like little circles of frosting.  Instead of frosting a cake using an offset spatula in a flat layer, it seems like they piped the frosting layers in a circular pattern (like a big carnival lollipop if you looked at the layers from the top, haha).  Doesn't really change the taste obviously but just thought it was interesting- I've never noticed that sort of frosting process before, haha. 

So this concludes ALL of my photos from the Blogger Brunch - finally, right?  Hope you enjoyed the mini tour! 


  1. double wow! and I thought the seafood display was impressive!

  2. I've been waiting to see all the dessert photos! Hopefully Four Seasons will do a Groupon so I can go to brunch someday, haha. :)

  3. I've been waiting for these pictures! Hopefully Four Seasons will have a Groupon soon so I can go too, haha. :)

  4. I feel like I just have to go after seeing those pictures!!!