Thursday, June 9, 2011

Georgetown Cupcake - NYC Location

The news broke earlier this week, but of course any news about Georgetown Cupcake has to posted here!

Georgetown Cupcake will be opening their first "out of the DC Metro" store - in NYC!  In SoHo to be exact: 111 Mercer Street.

Now even more people will be able to enjoy (and obsess about) the lovely cupcakes, woo!


  1. Yay for New York! I will have my brother send me some!

  2. Ok, how about L.A next? *taps foot* ;P

  3. You seriously should be doing marketing for them! And, I wonder how GC will fare in a city like NYC that has so many cupcakeries. Hoping there's room enough for all the sweet options!

  4. @Maris: Hope he sends you some as soon as they open!

    @SNC: Maybe next??

    @Shannon: They're getting all "big" now haha.

    @City Girl: Haha! And yeah I did wonder about that too- it's definitely a different world than DC.