Thursday, January 26, 2012

Georgetown Cupcake - Toasted Marshmallow Fudge Cupcake

So, this is more of a "new but not really all that new" cupcake from Georgetown Cupcake, haha.  The Toasted Marshmallow Fudge cupcake is a new flavor, technically, and available only in January.  It's a "Valrhona chocolate cake filled with fudge and topped with marshmallow buttercream frosting, a fudge star, and a toasted marshmallow".

The reason I say it's "new but not really all that new" is because it is VERY similar to their S'mores/Campfire cupcake, haha.  The only difference I am aware of is the graham cracker crumbs on the S'mores/Campfire version.

Having said that, I enjoyed this Toasted Marshmallow Fudge cupcake, but I did feel like it was missing that little something extra - aka the graham cracker crumbs, haha.   It's a great cupcake for anyone that is a fan of marshmallow and chocolate - the fudge core adds that extra bite of rich chocolate flavor in the cake portion.


  1. Your pictures of cupcakes from this place always look so good! I must visit this place if I ever make my way over there.