Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips

Lace patterned nails without any hassle? Woohoo!


A while back I tried out the Sally Hansen Salon Effects strips, and I really liked the look of this lace pattern.  There's a bunch of different sizes in the package, which is good for me because I have pretty small nails.  The package also contains a two-sided nail file, plus an orange stick.  First, you peel off the strip from the backing, stick it onto your nails (lined up with your nail beds), push down the sides with the orange sticks, and file off the excess strips from the tips of your nails.  

You do have to be careful to make sure the strips are lined up with your nail beds, but overall I found this to be a really easy and quick process.  I really liked the way this pattern looked on short nails, and I've already purchased another box of gold glitter strips to try out!

By the way, CVS has recently been doing BOGO 1/2 price on Sally Hansen items, if anyone is interested!  


  1. Oh fun!! I still need to try those!

  2. I got two packs of these (sadly, not BOGO), one in houndstooth and one in flower print. The strips dont seem to stick very well and seem to come up at the sides. even clipping the sides a bit and putting clear nail polish under and above to keep them "glued", they still come up and chip easily. For $9, these should look awesome (not like stickers just stuck on) and stay at least a day, right?

  3. @Shannon: I hope you like it!

    @KandS: I love the different patterns!

    @nicole: Sorry you didn't like them.