Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Holiday Candy

For the holidays I thought I'd do something cute and little, to give to friends that I'd be seeing before the holidays.  I went to Michael's and got a box of wedding favors shaped like champagne glasses, a couple bags of holiday M&Ms (thanks to the CVS weekly deals), and a sheet of labels.   Super easy and a cute way to celebrate the holidays!


On a recent trip to Wegmans an employee was handing out what I thought were Lindt chocolate samples.   It was a nice surprise to find out she was handing out these chocolate holiday bears!  These are super cute and I like them much better than their regular holiday reindeer, haha.



  1. Ohhh - you open them from the BOTTOM...oops

  2. @Shannon: Haha! Sorry I probably should've told you that part.