Tuesday, September 25, 2012

BourbonSteak DC - The Dog Days of Summer Special

Back in August my friend C and I met up at BourbonSteak in Georgetown with one thing in mind - The Dog Days of Summer special.  For $9, we got a cheddar corn dog using a Red Apron Butchery cheddar dog and a pint of Port City beer.  It was a great deal, especially for such a swanky lounge, that's for sure!

  I probably wouldn't have put mustard on top if they been left on the side, but I found that it contrasted well with the slightly sweet breading and the snappy dog inside.  It was a great little meal while catching up with a friend.  Although - is there a delicate way to eat a corn dog at a place like BourbonSteak? I wound up just cutting pieces off with a knife and fork, haha.  

Unfortunately this deal ended at the end of August (apologies for not knowing that until now), but hopefully they will be doing something similar again soon! 


  1. I must go soon ;-) last time I went I only had one thing in mind and it was that pulled pork cupcake!