Thursday, September 13, 2012

Flipping Out on Bravo

Anyone that knows me knows that I love Bravo TV, and one of my favorite shows, Flipping Out, just came back for another season.  Jeff Lewis might be craaaaaaaaaaaaaazy but he is incredibly funny and can create some beautiful homes for sure.

Still not convinced?  Here are some of my favorite quotes from a recent episode:

- "This is MY big day and I just want everything to be perf- sorry, Jenni's big day" - Jeff, during Jenni's wedding planning consultations.

- "I'm pretty sure Chad is really trying to become Jenni's main gay... well let's be clear because I am Jenni's main gay." - Jeff

- "I like to push people's buttons, it's like my hobby. Some people play tennis, I push buttons" - Jeff

- "Who spends 100% of their net worth on their wedding!?"  - Jeff to his main assistant Jenni, who is planning her wedding during this season.

- "I do know that if you get hit by a bus, you'll invite the bus driver to the wedding." - Jeff to Jenni on her large wedding guest list.

-"There could be a dead person in the bathtub in that house!" - A client, concerned about possible flooding in a house neighboring Jeff's new home.
-"I hope so, I want to buy that house" - Jeff


  1. Jeff Lewis has the best one-liners of all time. I can not get enough of him, and I’m so glad they brought back “Flipping Out” for another season. My co-worker at Dish loves Zoila, and tries to mimic her around the office. I missed the past episode of “Flipping Out,” but have it recorded on my Hopper. Bravo is bringing back a bunch of shows this season, good thing I have a ton of DVR space available so I won’t miss any of my favorite shows.