Thursday, January 9, 2014

Japanarama: Japanese Gifts

Every time my mom goes to Japan to visit family, I always ask for lots of snacks and little gifts, and sometimes I even get a little surprise here and there, woo.

This time, I received this cute Kyoto matcha cake, like a sliced mini green tea pound cake.  The pound cake is liberally studded with little chocolate chips, which was a nice addition to a "regular" green tea cake.  The cake itself is great, but I especially loved the packaging on this pound cake.  The box was wrapped up tightly with a large green "furoshiki" cloth, and tied up in a little portable package.

Another fun surprise was this afternoon tea-themed mini calendar and notepad set.  The box holds the cookie notepad in the back, and each of the tabs can be moved around for each month to show the calendar in the front panel. Super cute, and super Japanese, haha!

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