Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Newseum - Anchorman Exhibit

As soon as I heard about a new Anchorman exhibit opening in the Newseum, I knew that I HAD to go ASAP - it's one of my favorite (and most quotable) movies!  I loved the idea of this crazy movie being in such a legitimate (and often serious) news-themed museums, haha.  My friend R and I checked it out before Anchorman 2 came out, as a nice little warm up to the sequel. 

The exhibit is small, but packed full of movie memorabilia, and it was so fun to see everything in person! The way that the Newseum's guide takes you around the exhibits puts this one right at the end of the "tour", which I thought was a really good idea.  All of the serious and educational exhibits are great, but the Anchorman section was a nice breath of Sex Panther - I mean fresh air, haha.  If anyone is a fan of the movie and is in the DC area I would definitely recommend checking out this exhibit while it is around!

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