Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Seattle Visit - Din Tai Fung

Ever since I found out about the Din Tai Fung restaurant in Bellevue (outside of Seattle), I've made it a point to go there at least once when I'm visiting my parents.  This past visit was no exception - my mom and I had an early lunch before shopping in the Bellevue mall for the afternoon.  

I've been to this Din Tai Fung location when there's been long waits before, so I would definitely recommend getting there about 15-20 minutes before it opens for the day.  When we got there, we still waited in line, but the hostesses came up to each party to reserve a table and provide a menu, so once the doors opened everyone had a table to go to right away.  By having such an efficient seating configuration, it was all the more faster to getting the delicious soup dumplings as well! 

In addition to our delicious lunch, I wanted to pick up a little trinket before heading out. I picked this cute soup dumpling mascot keychain - so fun!!  The only bead thing about having this key chain is that I always want soup dumplings whenever I look at it, haha.

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