Thursday, January 23, 2014

Seattle Visit - Pike Place Chowder

For as many times that I have visited the Pike Place Market, I haven't actually sat down and eaten full meals much in that area.  Usually I'm too busy walking around and trying to avoid running into fellow visitors to actually go anywhere to sit and eat, haha.  During my last visit however, my mom and decided to stop in Pike Place Chowder for lunch; she had been recently during my brother's visit and thought it was pretty tasty.

We got to Pike Place Chowder about 20 minutes after it opened, and there was already a long line winding around the corner from the small shop.  The line moves quickly though, since most people are there for the chowders which don't need much preparation once the order is placed.

We got two different types of chowder: New England Clam Chowder, Market Chowder (this day's chowder had oysters and sausage included), and a Dungeness crab roll.  Everything tasted so fresh and delicious, especially for a seafood lover like me! The chowders were both good, but I really liked the Market Chowder because of the sausage and slightly spicy flavor.  The crab roll was stuffed with Dugeness crab, it was hard to keep everything inside the bread haha.  There are plenty of places to see and eat at in the Pike Place Market area, but if you're a fan of chowder I would definitely recommend this one!  I would love to go back with a group and try the chowder sampler - I saw a number of people sharing this, and it looked like such a fun way to try out all of the different chowder variations. 

Pike Place Chowder - Pike Place Market location
1530 Post Alley 
Seattle, WA 98101

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