Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Seattle Visit - Modernist Cuisine Photography Exhibit

Normally when I visit my parents in Seattle, a lot of my time is spent at home relaxing, with a few planned outings to downtown Seattle in between.  This past Christmas I wanted to check out the Modernist Cuisine exhibit at the Pacific Science Center, and I'm very happy that we had a chance to go.  

This was also my first time visiting the Pacific Science Center, and while the majority of the exhibits were geared towards children, it was educational and pretty fun haha.  There were tons of people there enjoying the interactive sections of the vast science center. 

But the best attraction for me what definitely this photography exhibit.  Beautiful photography + amazing looking food, what's not to like?  The ones with the split appliances especially were so cool to see, and such a unique way to look at cooking methods.  According to the website, it looks like this exhibit will be traveling to other cities starting in February - so if it come anywhere near where you are, I would definitely recommend checking it out! 


  1. How long do you think it took to visit specifically this exhibit? Just trying to plan for my own visit!

    1. This specific exhibit was pretty small compared to the others, so probably around 15-20 minutes depending on how long you look at each photo.