Monday, August 11, 2014

Shake Shack - Crinkle Cut Fries

For those of you that have been eating at Shake Shack for a while, you may have noticed that their French fries changed from the original crinkle cut (or, as I called them, "cafeteria fries") to hand-cut French fries at the majority of their locations.

Now, with a self-proposed French fry ban on myself I've never actually tried either of their fry types, but I always remembered people commenting on the crinkle cut fries as surprising and out of place for a brand like Shake Shack. Then, when the new fries came out, I equally heard about how they missed the original crinkle cut fries, haha.

I guess you can't please everyone, but for those of you that loved the crinkle cut fries, good news: Shake Shack is bringing them back to all locations in November!  For those of you that missed the little accordions of potato-y goodness, it's your lucky day (or, will be, come November).  And for those of you that like the hand-cut version, stock up before November, haha.

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