Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Shake Shack - Tyson's Corner

Hooray for a new Shake Shack near me! This Shake Shack is located in Tyson's Corner, VA, which conveniently houses a mall that I go to regularly, haha.  This location is outside, on a patio area that is accessible from one of the mall entrances.  It looked like there was a lot planned for the outdoor area, including an attached hotel, and a walkway of some sort. 

Because I went right around lunchtime, it was pretty crowded, mostly with families.  I ordered a hamburger and the location-specific Tysons Treat.  This concrete consists of vanilla custard, banana, chocolate sprinkles, and chocolate graham crackers from Pollystyle.  The outdoor patio area was packed, but I was able to grab a two-top just as I headed outside. 

The hamburger was delicious as expected, but I was especially looking forward to trying the Tysons Treat concrete. The chocolate graham crackers were plentiful and really tasty.  I loved how they maintained their crispy texture and had a great chocolate flavor.  Everything else in the concrete was delicious as well, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone that's shopping at Tyson's!

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