Friday, February 26, 2010

More NYC Weekend Photos



Just thought this was so random, but sorta cool also.  A public bathroom in the Time Warner Center provided me some CNN embedded in the mirror as I'm washing my hands, haha.   



I've seen some of the Cupcake stuff at Borders before, but not this cake tray- so so so cute!  I sorta wish I had gotten it, since I haven't seen it around the Borders here lately :o(


Lots of theme M&M mixes!

I wouldn't normally go to Times Square but since it was nearby, I strolled around a little bit and found myself at the M&Ms store.  Love the wall of specialty mixed M&Ms!  Each one had a specific theme/name, like "NYC Taxicab", "NY Knicks", and lots of others.   



Errr..yeah.  Those are men's boxers.  Family-friendly, not so much?  Or am I just that immature? 


Museum of Modern Art



I also strolled around the Museum of Modern Art for a little while- it was not terribly crowded, which was v. nice.  Lots of great pieces- it's so easy to find yourself in there for hours without realizing it!  

Hi puppy!

Finally, we came across two adorable French bulldogs in a boutique store, and I just had to snap a pic.  This one was extra-super-cute thanks for to its little hoodie :o)


  1. I love NY!!!and should have gotten that cute tray...

  2. I love the TV in the mirror. Cute bag you have there ;)

  3. @adin_22: I know!! I didn't want to worry about carrying it home on the train..But now I have my eye on the Liberty of London for Target cake tray, haha.

    @SNC: Thanks! LeSportsac is my go-to bag for NYC meandering. You've got a good eye, haha!