Friday, February 26, 2010

NYC Weekend: More Tasty Treats


A Taste of Maine

Weekend in NYC = Lots and lots of yummy food!  One stop during my weekend was to Luke's Lobster, a tiny little spot.  Originally I had intended on getting a lobster roll but decided to try A Taste of Maine instead, which is more of a sampler plate.  It consists of mini lobster, shrimp, and crab rolls, two empress claws, chips, and a drink.  This was a great way to try out a good majority of Luke's menu- delicious!  As you can sort of see in the photo, they don't really do fillers here- it's pretty much the seafood with a minimal amount of tweaking- letting the seafood really shine.  If I had to rank the rolls, i would definitely say 1) Lobster; 2) Crab; and 3) Shrimp.  The crab was surprisingly v. tasty- I guess I just assumed I would love the lobster roll the most, but it was v. close between the two.  Fantastic lunch! 


Momofuku Honey Nut Soft Serve + Corn Flake Crumble


Momofuku Compost Cookie 

Later, we stopped in Momofuku Milk Bar, and after trying a sample of the Salt & Pepper soft serve (um yeah...not sure how many people order full sizes of this), I got the honey nut soft serve with the corn flake crumble topping.  Sweet, salty, crunchy, smooth, Momofuku always does a great job with playing with taste, texture, and overall flavor.  I also picked up a Compost cookie to bring home- a little bit of everything and then some, packed into one handheld cookie.  


Two Little Red Hens Bakery


Lots of tasty options.


Mini Red Velvet cupcake



M and I also stopped by Two Little Red Hens bakery, which also had a frequently positive online review presence.  Lots of tasty-looking options were packed into a tiny spot - seems to be a running theme with the last three places we went to, haha.  The mini red velvet cupcake was really a one-bite deal, perfect ratio of frosting to the bright red, moist cake.  These would be adorable as part of a tea party or cocktail party.  The cheesecake was surprisingly lighter than it might look- really delicious and not too sweet either. 


There were lots of great things about fitting in a trip to Pinkberry before heading back home: 1) WOO Pinkberry!; 2) You are now allowed to fit in unlimited toppings- as long as it fits in the cup (aka not limited by x number of toppings per size/price); 3) Check out the CUTE cow/reindeer holiday yogurt cup!   


Cafe Zaiya goodies 

Lastly, here's my haul from Cafe Zaiya which I stuffed into a lunch cooler-bag to bring back home.  Top row: Curry pan, Pumpkin pan, Mini tsubu an pan.  Bottom row: Chocolate-dipped mochi donut, Sweet potato roll.   All of these were great, and some froze really well for me to eat later - in fact, I think all of the mini an pans are still in the freezer.  The sweet potato roll was fantastic- I wasn't sure what to expect but I'm really happy I tried it. 


  1. Love love love Lukes lobster!!!

  2. While I do frequent some of the places you've visited in NY to get my sugar fix, I now prefer to satisfy my sweet tooth by ordering cookies from Cookie Couture. I was just recently introduced to a wonderfully delicious company called Gifts Couture that I know is right up your alley. They have a cookie line, called cookie couture, that has the best homemade cookies I've tried to date. I order the cookies online at but I'm not sure if they have a retail location. Either way, I definitely recommend trying their "chip off your shoulder" cookie-it's not your typical chocolate chip cookies, it's loaded with walnuts and coconut-absolutely delicious!