Friday, February 26, 2010

VS PINK Freebie: Fragrance Sampler

Fragrance samples

I wanted to get this post up quickly because I'm not positive how long this deal is going for- I figured better sooner rather than later :o)  If you sign up for Victoria's Secret's PINK Nation online, you will get sporadic offers for discounts and freebies, woo!  Right now (well, as of two days ago), the offer is for a free set of three PINK fragrance samples (above).  No purchase necessary- just print out the coupon and show them your ID!  These little bottles are great for traveling with, and chances are you'll probably at least like one of the three fragrances :o)  It's free to sign up, and if you opt in to get e-mails, they usually only come around 1/2x a month, I've found.  A month or so ago I got a free tank top, and just yesterday I got a mailing from them that included a coupon for free undies...score!  So what are you waiting for?  Go sign up! :o)  


  1. Dude, I got this too! I never pass up the free undie promos...hahaha! XD

  2. @SNC: Haha I know I have 2 coupons to redeem this month, woohoo!