Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ping Pong Dim Sum - Chinese New Year Party

As random events would have it, I found myself (with J again) at Ping Pong Dim Sum exactly a week after our first trip there for Happy Hour.  I won two invites to their Chinese New Year Party on February 2nd via Twitter.  I wasn't really sure what to expect at this party, but I figured it was a fun (free) event, and maybe I could try out some different menu offerings this time around.  


Starting to get crowded at the bar


Lemongrass and lime cocktail

J's Ginger and limoncello caipirinha


Open kitchen/bar area


Dumpling demo table


Pear and bubble tea (subbed vodka in for the tequila)


Kumquat mojito from the Cockail demo table


Chinese New Year celebrations
We definitely got more than we expected- free food, free drinks, different demo tables, fun DJ, and a great crowd!  The drinks were...A-MA-ZING.  So so so so so tasty.  Probably helps that I love these types of drinks- fresh flavors, mixed and muddled to order, lots of different interesting components without getting too crazy just for the sake of it.  I honestly was pretty amazed that the bartenders made the cocktails to order, start to finish- these are pretty labor-intensive drinks they have here!  And it was a large crowd to handle, but everything seemed to be running smoothly.  And I didn't take any photos of the food, but they were being passed around the crowd- I tried the Crispy hoi sin duck spring roll (delicious, piping hot), Vegetable bun (also v. tasty), and the Crispy prawn ball which I had on my previous meal here.  I think there were a few other dishes being passed around but I couldn't get to them as fast as the crowd did, haha.  

Supa-swag bag!

To top it all off, we were given these fun-tastic gift bags when we left the party!  A container of several of their flowering teas (!!), a mini bamboo steamer, lacquered logo chopsticks, a copy of their menu, and a traditional Chinese New Year envelope with a gift card inside.  Awesome! 

Overall I was much more satisfied with the drinks that I got this time around, and had a really great time at this party. It was a great way to try out the different cocktails - obvi helped that they gave us two for free, plus a Cocktail demo table to get drinks as well :o) It was a great crowd and everyone really seemed to enjoy the party!


  1. the steamer looks so cute! reminds me that I need to get one...
    I can't use the metal expand-y ones for dumplings, can I? And can't put the it in my rice cooker... >_<

  2. Ok - yes, now I want to go even more!!

  3. K, you've been getting a lot of great swag! Ooh I love the steamer. =D

  4. I have to go to that time I'm on DC area...

  5. @adin_22: If you're going for drinks (and not necessarily just the food), I'd highly recommend it!