Thursday, May 6, 2010

Review: Kettle Brand Spicy Thai Chips

  • I Paid: $3.69 at Harris Teeter
  • Description: Spicy Thai; great taste...naturally

I've had Kettle brand chips before (de-lish), but had never tried the Spicy Thai flavor before.  I had heard about them plenty, all good things, so I figured I would pick up a bag and check it out.

Holy. Mother. Of. F'ing. God.   

These chips are re-diculously addictive.  I mean they're good from the first couple of chips.  A nice spicy, lemongrass-y? type of flavor, yum yum.  Then before you know it you're 10 handfuls deep and it's just a blur of crunchy, Kettle-y, spicy, flavor-packed deliciousness.  And now, every time I go grocery shopping, I tell myself that I shouldn't buy this, they are NOT healthy or even remotely good for you in any way, but then Harris Teeter has to go and put these on SALE and then it's another bag in the cart, another chip-fest for me.  "Sharing Size" be damned, I literally have eaten these alone until I felt nauseous, haha.  I now have to put these on my "Don't Do It" list in order to prevent a literal Spicy Thai chip OD situation...sad but really, really, true.  Now if that's not a ringing endorsement, I don't know what is.  Seriously though, I would definitely recommend trying these out, but clearly at your own risk!            


    1. Am I a weirdo for not liking this brand? Although for this flavor, I'd give it another go. ;)

    2. @SNC: Oh no...we might have to fight about this, I am obsessed- haha!

    3. Haha - I think this is one of my favorite reviews yet! :)

    4. @Shannon: You have to try them NOWWWWW