Thursday, May 27, 2010

Frosting Cupcakery - Chevy Chase, MD


REDiculous + Cookie MOMster

I had heard about Frosting from a while back, but didn't really hear too much about it being open until late April/early May.  I was in the area earlier in May and figured I'd go check it out. 

The store is tucked away in the newer section of Friendship Heights, along with a few restaurants, ice cream shops, and retail shops.  They are easy to get to from the metro, and the strorefront is really cute and easy to spot.  I really liked the interior of the store- it was v. welcoming and had cute little details throughout. 

I picked up the REDiculous and Cookie MOMster cupcakes, which are described on their site as: "REDiculous: red velvet bottom with vanilla cream cheese buttercream top", and "Cookie MOMster: chocolate bottom with almond Oreo buttercream top".  

First, the good: both of the cupcakes were a good size (not too small, not too big), with what I thought was a good frosting-to-cake ratio.   I liked both of the cakes, they were rich and yummy, pretty much what you'd hope for from a decent cupcake.

And now, the not-so-good:  You might notice from the photo that both cupcakes had crumbs on top - the REDiculous had crumbled red velvet cake, and the MOMster had Oreo cookie crumbles.  This is cute, in theory, but not so much in execution.  The red velvet cake crumbles especially were not good, because they had hardened and tasted like stale cake, pretty much.  I mean maybe right when they were made it would've been cool to have some extra cake on top of the frosting, but this was pretty off-putting in terms of texture for me.  Also, this is obviously a personal thing, but I REALLY don't like almond/almond paste in foods, and I didn't realize that the MOMster frosting contained almond flavor until I ate it.   Obviously since I don't like that, it was pretty much a guarantee that I wouldn't like the frosting on the MOMster, haha.  

Besides the not-so-good, I think it's a super-cute store and has a lot to offer in the Friendship Heights area.  They had a good coffee/drinks menu too which I'm sure is great for all of the people that live around there.  I wouldn't mind trying a few more of their cupcake options, but it won't be replacing Georgetown Cupcake in my heart anytime soon :o)


  1. hard cake crumbs not good...maybe they should try cookie crumbs on top instead?

  2. @KandS: Yeah, that'd be so much better!

  3. Ohhh - those look good! (minus the red velvet part ;))

  4. @Shannon: Haha, yeah you are prob better off with their other flavors if you're going to try it.