Thursday, May 20, 2010

Honest Tea - Peach Oo-La-Long


A huge "Thank you!" to Honest Tea for their general awesomeness and fun Twitter contests.  They recently had an interactive Earth Day-related contest there where followers submitted photos of themselves recycling an Honest Tea bottle.  Luckily I was one of the first group to send a photo, and won a free case of Honest Tea in a flavor of my choice!  

I picked the Peach Oo-La-Long flavor because I like most of their flavors, but I especially love peach-flavored teas.  This one has a great peach-y flavor without being overly sweet.  I've really enjoyed bringing them into work to drink with my lunch.  Thanks to Honest Tea, my fridge now partially resembles a "Cribs" fridge, with the bottles taking up most of the top shelf, haha.  Extra bonus, their office is located in downtown Bethesda- yay for local businesses!  These are all over in stores around here, but I'm not sure if they are everywhere in the US yet...check out the website to see if it's available in your area!


  1. wow! great giveaway, lucky you :)

  2. LMAO at the "Cribs" fridge. This post makes me think of this YT vid:

  3. @KandS: Yes, I am stocked on lunch drinks for a while now, haha!

    @SNC: Haha!