Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Love, Love, Love: Love, Love, Love: Calvin Klein Carly Honeycomb Shoes


I normally don't stray too far from DSW when it comes to shoes- lots of great choices, convenient location, and I've moved up to Premiere Rewards status, woo!  

However on a recent lunchtime excursion to Lord & Taylor, I could not stop myself from trying these Calvin Klein platforms on.  So so so so cute, and believe it or not, comfy!  I'm definitely a huge fan of platforms (as in a wider heel + elevated front of the foot also), as they generally are much easier to walk in vs. stilettos (which I am NOT a fan of).  Now, my definition of "comfy" may not be yours- I wear heels about 85% of the time so if you always wear flip-flops, you probably won't be super impressed by these.  Also, I wouldn't recommend wearing them to go sightseeing around DC or anything.  But just saying, the platform base provides a lot of balance and you don't feel like the shoes are as tall as they are.  I can wear them to work and be fine walking around inside the building.  Best of all, they were on sale and I could use my coupon for an extra 20% off, woohoo!  I'm especially excited because as of this post, they are still full-price on the Calvin Klein site, haha.  It's the little things, people, the little things.  Anyway, if you're a shorty like me and love fun, tall shoes, give these a try if you see them at the mall!


  1. I wish we had the same shoe size.... so I could steal these! LOVE THEM

  2. @Shannon: Haha, yeah might hurt a bit if you tried to wear mine- you should get a pair!!

    @SNC: I thought you'd like them! :o)