Monday, May 31, 2010

Pitango Gelato: Quince Sorbet


I haven't had a chance to make it over to Pitango Gelato in DC yet, but I'm lucky enough to have them come to me- well, at least to the Bethesda Farmers Market on Sundays, haha.  I wasn't planning on buying any gelato, but after tasting a few samples, I picked up a container of the Local Pennsylvania Quince to take home.  

I actually didn't know what Quince was, besides vaguely thinking it was like a pear.  If you're like me, then here's some more info about the Quince in case you are curious.  This sorbet is super refreshing, a little sweet, a little tart- super delicious!   It's definitely a unique flavor that I wouldn't have thought to try, but I'm really glad I did- or rather, I'm glad the Pitango seller offered it to me, haha.  If you get a chance to a) try Pitango; and/or b) try Quince sorbet, definitely give it a shot!


  1. Thanks for the article! some more info about quince

  2. @Anonymous: Thank you for the info!