Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Japanarama: Soy Sauce Kit Kats

A v. delayed review of these Japanese Kit Kats, sorry!  But chances are none of you were waiting with baited breath anyway, so let's move on, shall we? :o)

These Kit Kats definitely fall into the "Only In Japan" category, both in terms of availability and the willingness of people to actually buy and try them, haha.  Like I said about the Japanese Kit Kats before, the majority of the limited edition flavors are based moreso on how unique it would be, especially to give someone as a gift.  I mean really, soy sauce?  Yeah that stuff you dip your sushi into?  Who would've thunken?

When I opened up one of these small packets, I was hit with a strong soy sauce smell (surprise!) mixed with the generic chocolate Kit Kat smell.  It was definitely "interesting" to say the least.  However, once I bit into the Kit Kat, the soy sauce taste was less evident than what I expected.  It tasted more like a salt-based chocolate; if you've had chocolate with sea salt, you know what it's like.  I think if you were unaware that this was a Soy Sauce flavor beforehand, you wouldn't exactly be able to pinpoint that that was the flavor.  

That being said, I'm not exactly tearing through these packets like I did with the Matcha and Strawberry Milk flavors, and I probably won't be running to get these again anytime soon.  However, I'm happy to have had a chance to try them, especially since they aren't available as a permanent flavor.  If anyone else wants to try them (and you live near me slash I'll see you at some point) let me know, I have plenty left over, haha.  


  1. i love these!! i wish they sold them around here~
    that is a big-ish box of them though.
    i wonder what they'd taste like as milk or even dark chocolate?

  2. Haha...thanks for the review! You're so brave. ;P

  3. @Nicole: Yeah I wonder why they picked the white chocolate, I think dark chocolate would go well too.

    @SNC: Haha, thanks!

  4. haha....seriously,, soy sauce? kitkats flavors get weirder....

  5. @adin_22: I know, they keep coming up with more and more flavors!