Monday, May 24, 2010

Japanarama: Rilakkuma Strawberry Milk Kit Kats


I was super excited to get so many Kit Kats from Japan, especially this one because it's so damn cute.  Rilakkuma is probably my favorite mascot/character from Japan, and they use him on just about everything, seriously.  Obviously the marketing works, because I'm sure that my dad wouldn't have necessarily bought this box if it didn't have his face all over it, haha.  


Opened up 
The Kit Kats themselves come packed up in two rows (12/box), each with a super cute pink and strawberry theme, with a big Rilakkuma face on the front, haha.  As you can see these Kit Kats are much smaller than what you might be used to in the US- it's probably about 2/3 the length of a US Kit Kat.  The package itself smells like strawberries, but you get more of a white chocolate smell once you open up the individual packet.  It's a v. girly light pink shade, with a strong strawberries and cream-type taste.  I really enjoy these Kit Kats, and have been saving the last few that I have remaining, haha.  They're a perfect little snack when you want something sweet but not necessarily chocolate. 


  1. so cute!
    i REALLY liked the shoyu kit-kat you gave me! it tasted like salted caramel kinda.

    The kinako one tasted fine, and the milk coffee one i picked up was yummy as well, but shoyu is still #1!

  2. Those look delicious! I love strawberries, and Rilakkuma too.

  3. hahaha how kawaii! rilakkuma is the best endorser eh? i wish i was in japan right now, i'd hoard all those LE kitkats LOL :P

  4. @nicole: Glad you liked the Shoyu ones!

    @megan: Thank you for commenting- I love both too!

    @coffretgorge: I know, so sad thinking about all the one I'm missing :o(

  5. yay! I've had these...thanks to you!!! They are so cute!!

  6. @SNC: Yes super cute, it's the Japanese way- haha.

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