Friday, May 14, 2010

Pittsburgh Weekend

Just another fun, food-filled  weekend in Pittsburgh!!  This time B and I got to try lots of different places, all of which were new to me :o)  Some highlights of our weekend:

The Dor-Stop restaurant was OPEN this time around, woohoo!!  We came here for Saturday morning brunch, and the place was packed, but we were able to snag two countertop seats which worked out great. 

Whipped cream with a touch of hot chocolate, haha

Pumpkin Pancakes


Chocolate chip pancakes

I'm not a huge fan of Guy Fieri as a person, but I love all the places he shows on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, hence why I wanted to come here for so long.  Of course we had to try the pumpkin pancakes here, and I really enjoyed them.  They were v. spice-heavy and not sweet at all.  Less of a pumpkin pie-type pancake and more of a full-on pumpkin flavor.  

Next up, we headed to the Pittsburgh Zoo + Aquarium:


Not gonna lie, the aquarium (which is newer) was waaaaaaaaaaaaay cooler than the zoo portion, haha!  But overall it was a fun trip and we got to see lots of cool animals.  The weather was pretty grey and drizzly, which actually worked to our advantage since the place wasn't packed like I assume it would be on a sunny weekend day.

We then hit up Oh Yeah! Ice Cream and Coffee for some great ice cream and sooooooooooooooo many mix-in options! The menu was staggering, and I'm glad there wasn't anyone in line behind us because they would've been waiting a while for me to decide, haha. 

Vanilla with Chocolate chip cookies

Vanilla with strawberries and pretzels 

We both went with somewhat simple mix-in choices, but both delicious!  I got vanilla (SO good, see all the vanilla bean specks) with a chocolate chip cookie mixed in.  B got the vanilla also, with strawberries and pretzels mixed in.  So good!

After seeing lots of fishies and sharks at the aquarium, I got to thinking about Shark Bites fruit snacks... they were so good, especially the elusive Great White Sharks!!  Conveniently enough, B lives above a grocery store, so we checked it out...


Shark Bites still exist!!!  I recall the Great White Shark pieces being a bit longer/bigger, but what the hey- I'm just happy they're actually still around!  

We rounded out the weekend with a trip to Dozen, this time one of their locations that I haven't been to yet, that serves breakfast on the weekends. 


Chicken Pot Pie Hand Pie


Vanilla Cupcake + Chocolate Chip Cookie

The Chicken Pot Pie was really tasty with a crispy, flaky crust that I LOVED.  If I had this for brunch every week, I'd be totally happy (and stuffed, haha).  The cupcake and cookie were taken back home with me, and thoroughly enjoyed that following week.

Well, I hope you enjoyed our tour de food o' Pittsburgh- can't wait for the next trip up there for even more yummy adventures!!


  1. Hi K! :) Hmm...don't believe I've ever had a Chicken Pot Pie Hand Pie. What a great idea...hee hee. Looks like you had a super fun time in Pittsburgh! Happy Friday, girl!!

  2. wow....we used to live near pittsburg but only got to stay for a month...geez....I guess I missed a lot....

  3. @SNC: Hiii! Yeah now that I think about it- it's a much nicer Hot Pocket, essentially, haha!

    @adin_22: I think lots of places are pretty new (especially in certain areas of Pittsburgh). Maybe if you're ever in the area again you can try out some places!

  4. Pumpkin pancakes =YUM!!! I also like you am obsessed with anything pumpkin!!!

  5. @Ashley: Yesssss Pumpkin <3

  6. OMG - The Door Stop looks AMAZING!!!!!!

  7. @Shannon: We'll have to go again next time!!

    @KandS: Thanks for stopping by!