Friday, May 21, 2010

Sweetlife Festival - April 24th, 2010

On April 24th, N and I went to the Sweetgreen Sweetlife festival, which was held all afternoon/night in Dupont Circle.  I "won" a chance to get advanced VIP passes (above) which included a coupon redeemable for a free Sweetgreen Salad Blaster bowl, woo!  I say I "won" these because the tickets were all sold as donations, so it wasn't like they cost a specific amount to begin with.

We got there pretty much right at the beginning of the festival, and there were a few clumps of people wandering around the different stands.  We got a t-shirt with a suggested donation right at the door, and headed into the festival.  The weather was pretty grey and chilly, but we made the best of it and made the rounds to the different stands.

The best two stands were the Honest Tea and Living Social stands for sure- Honest Tea gave away free bottles of tea, and Living Social had a carnival-type game (throwing bean bags into different holes on a board) for account credits towards your next Living Social coupon purchase.  I was pretty horrible at the game and got only $2, but it came in handy with my later coupon purchase, haha.

Sweetflow Mobile

Mini with almonds and strawberries

There were also a few local businesses, a Sweetgreen stand selling sandwiches, and the Sweetflow truck was there.  I got the mini size (yeah, that's the mini, haha) with almonds and strawberries- love that combo!

Unfortunately the bigger music acts weren't scheduled to come on until later that day/night, and we weren't planning on staying that long to begin with due to other plans.  I think the idea of a block party like this is great, but I did think it was a little odd- and yes I know this is also me being cheap- that they were charging for Sweetgreen food/frozen yogurt at their own event.  I mean Honest Tea was handing out free bottles, and I heard that they gave out Sweetflow frozen yogurt at the event last year, so that was a little confusing to me.  Regardless, it looks like there was a great turnout as the day went on and more people started to show up, and I hope Sweetgreen does more fun events like this (when the weather's cooperating, haha).


  1. MMMM froyo! Looks like you had a great time!

  2. Thanks! Which SkinnyGirl book of hers did you read? I started reading the first one ("Naturally Thin") and then I got sidetracked and never finished it. =\

    Yay to food trucks! I haven't seen a froyo one around here yet.

  3. So fun, darling!
    That froyo looks amazing!


  4. The festival looked fun- any festival with fro yo would make me happy! :)

  5. @Shannon: Yup, love that Sweetflow!

    @SNC: I have both of Bethenny's books- the Naturally Thin one is good, in my opinion. The second one's good too but mostly recipes and less direct advice.

    @CC: Yes it's so good!

    @Brittany: Haha, my thoughts exactly- love froyo!