Monday, November 15, 2010

Foodbuzz: Nature's Pride Oven Classics Bread

Here's a quick post about a Foodbuzz freebie I received a few weeks ago, as part of their Tastemaker Program.  

As much as I love white and potato bread, there are clearly other healthier choices in terms of sandwich bread out there.  I was happy to receive the Nature's Pride Oven Classics in Oatmeal and 100% Whole Wheat, mainly because I probably wouldn't have bought them myself, haha.  I tried both breads for sandwiches, and then wrapped and froze the rest of the slices for later. 

For not being a fan of Oatmeal in general, I found myself liking it better than the 100% Whole Wheat kind.  The oatmeal tasted a little sweeter, and better tasting overall.  The Whole Wheat one was good for Nutella, and I imagine it'd be good for other sweeter/stronger flavored sandwich innards.  Both types freezer and defrost nicely, which is especially good for me since I'm eating these by myself, haha.  I'm thinking of using the Whole Wheat bread that I have leftover to try out fANNEtastic food's sweet potato whole wheat bread pudding if I have a potluck or dinner soon!  Anyone else have any recipes to share that I can use this bread for, besides sandwiches?


  1. French toast! Beat an egg and about 1/4 C milk in shallow baking dish. Add about a teaspoon of cinnamon and a pinch of nutmeg. Whisk well. Place slices of bread in the dish, turning over and allowing to absorb the liquid. Toss on a hot skillet for a minute or two per side and you have a delish brunch! I recommend mimosas as a "side." :)

  2. the bread pudding looks delicious!

  3. @Christine: Love French Toast, thanks for the recipe!

    @nicole: Yeah I want to try it out soon!