Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Georgetown Cupcake - Apple Cinnamon Cupcake

I recently was able to try yet another actually new free Georgetown Cupcake flavor: Apple Cinnamon.  But before I comment on the taste of it- anyone notice anything a little "off" about the photo? Perhaps something a little different about this particular cupcake?

Well call me obsessed/neurotic, but the first thing I thought was "WHERE IS THE SIGNATURE SWIRL???" As in, the circular pattern in which Georgetown Cupcake frosts the majority of their cupcakes, which looks simple but is in fact pretty hard to do correctly.  It goes around the top of the cupcake, and then into the center with a quick squeeze and wrist-flick at the end.  Or at least that's what they showed us on their tv show, haha.  So... what happened to this cupcake?  It looks like the frosting was piped on straight on the top of the cake portion...hmmmmmmmm. 

Ok, enough about that, on to the actual taste, haha.  First off- looooooooooooooved the cinnamon frosting.  So much so that I may convert our regular Thanksgiving pumpkin pie whipped cream into a cinnamon version, it's so good.  And super simple too, as long as you get the right ratio of cinnamon in there.  It's subtle, but adds a really nice flavor.  The cake portion was good, with little bits of apple baked in.  Unfortunately I'm not a big apple cake/pie/bread/etc. person (or baked fruit in general), so clearly I'm a little biased here.  However the overall flavor was v. FALL and totally appropriate for this time of year.  Yay for fall flavors!     


  1. That looks/sounds tasty! Very nice description of the frosting piping action! haha