Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Turkey Hill Dynamic Duos PB Explosion Ice Cream


A while back I won a bunch of "free carton" coupons from Turkey Hill, and was excited to try out many, many ice cream flavors, haha.  However, it took a while for me to actually start redeeming these, because several of my local grocery stores apparently don't carry Turkey Hill ice creams, womp womp.  However, I eventually found them at another grocery store and picked up this PB Explosion flavor right away- it sounded SO good!

First off, I love the idea of the Dynamic Duos cartons- 2 ice creams in one!  Of course, it's only good if you like both of the flavors, haha.  I figured I'd like both since, well, it's peanut butter focused, duh.  The Vanilla with chocolate peanut butter cups is definitely my #1 in this duo - the mini chocolate peanut butter cups are like the mini cups they sell at Trader Joe's, which I am totally obsessed with.  It's like a super tasty chocolate chip ice cream with a little surprise peanut butter inside, yum.  The chocolate ice cream is great too, but I wish the chocolate flavor was more pronounced- if it was a dark chocolate it would be really good, I think.  

Overall, I'm really happy I tried out this flavor, and would recommend this for any peanut butter lover.  Or, if you are part of a couple where one loves vanilla and the other loves chocolate, but you both love peanut butter, haha.  I'd definitely get this flavor again!

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