Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fun in Fairfax, VA: Pinkberry + Cupcakes Actually

A few weeks ago, my weekend trip to San Francisco got messed up thanks to a plane malfunction (booooooooooooooooo), which left me with a completely free weekend at home.  I made the most of it by going out to dinner, cleaning, and venturing out to Fairfax, VA for the day.  I met up with my friend M at the new Pinkberry, which had just opened that same week, woo!   

I got a mini cup of the seasonal/new Pumpkin with graham crackers.  The taste wasn't particularly pumpkin-y but honestly- I was happy to have a Pinkberry at least somewhat close to me (vs. CA and NYC, haha), woo!!  I also like that they offer a mini cup size- just enough if you're not looking for TOO much frozen yogurt. 

After we finished our frozen yogurts, we stopped in next door to Cupcakes Actually, because I figured I'd make the most of being in the area and try the store out, haha. 

We split the OMG cupcake: A banana cupcake, filled with caramel, iced with peanut butter butter cream, dipped in a chocolate ganache, drizzled with caramel and topped with either peanuts or toffee (I can't remember).

Here's a cross-section of the cupcake, so you can see all of the components.  Thank god we split this cupcake (well granted, I ate more than M did- haha) cus it was RICH!  I loved the flavors though, especially the chocolate ganache + peanut butter frosting combo- super delicious!  Being over $4 with tax though would make me reconsider buying a bunch of cupcakes from them though- that's way more expensive than Georgetown Cupcake or other local cupcakeries!  Overall, a great time in Fairfax trying out new items!

Pinkberry- Fairfax Corner
11942 Grand Commons Ave
Fairfax, VA 22030

Cupcakes Actually - Fairfax Corner
11944 Grand Commons Ave
Fairfax, VA 22030


  1. haha I think I was sugared out after the froyo to have any more of that cupcake. Thanks for sharing!

  2. @michelle: I was determined to eat both, ha!

  3. @Shannon: I know, so redic, haha!

  4. Man those cupcakes look really good! That looks like a cool place to go. There are a lot of neat places to visit in Virginia like that if you visit again...even if you don't have another plane malfunction.

  5. @Derek: Thanks for the link!