Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Georgetown Cupcake: Halloween Cupcakes

A bit delayed, but here are the Halloween weekend offerings from Georgetown Cupcake - cute, huh?

I got one each of the Halloween flavors, which wound up having the same Bat fondant topping, but oh well.  These are the regular Chocolate & Vanilla and Vanilla Squared cupcakes, with a special orange colored frosting and fondant topping.  If I had a billion dollars and was hosting a Halloween party, I'd totally get a ton of these, haha. 

And here we have the free off-the-menu flavor on Halloween day, the Maple Boo-Berry (blueberry) cupcake.  I brought all of these up to my friend T's house that day, so the "official" review is coming from her, haha.  T had this to say about the cupcake: "It was not overly blueberry which is good because they’re not my favorite fruit.  The maple was a nice flavor, it was almost breakfast.  Overall, a nice cupcake, but would not be my favorite.  More of a breakfasty coffee cake take on it." 

Hope everyone had a fun and tasty Halloween!


  1. Adorbs!

    (Thank you for the email! :)

  2. @KandS, @Ilana, @SNC: Thanks for commenting! I wish they had different themed cupcakes all the time, haha (not just holidays).

  3. Those are so cute!! I love the spider fondant!