Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Cereal Bowl Grand Opening

The DC outpost of The Cereal Bowl opened in Cleveland Park on March 27th, although it seemed like it had been open the whole week before the official opening day based on early reviews.  I'm not really a huge cereal person- I like it, but I'm not the type to eat it as a snack or non-breakfast meal just for fun.  But, I liked the idea of this place and thought it'd be fun to check out.   

The place is v. clean and modern-looking, with the menu on the flat-screen tv's behind the employees.  If you're a really slow reader this might be a problem for you, since the menu switches every minute or so to a new screen, haha.  I was surprised by the number of non-cereal options they had, including various oatmeal combinations, yogurt parfaits, and drinks, to name a few.  They have a bunch of "specialty" combos for cereal bowls, or you can make your own combination as well.  The milk station is on the far back corner (not pictured above), college-cafeteria style, so you can choose what type of milk you want/how much you want in your bowl.    

S opted to make her own: Small bowl of Lucky Charms cereal with Strawberries, Marshmallows, and Mini M&Ms. V. colorful choice! 

Give Me S'more

I ordered a small size Give Me S'more, which consists of: Golden Grahams, Cocoa Puffs, Marshmallows, Graham Bites, and Chocolate Chips.  This was pretty friggin' delicious, not gonna lie.  I especially loved the mini chocolate chips but really liked everything about this bowl.  Chocolate overload, yummmm.  Side note: this name totally makes me think of Britney Spears' "Give Me More" - ha!   

Overall, I liked the idea of this place- a little silly yes, but definitely fun!  I think it'll be huge with kids since you get to pick whatever you want for your cereal- I mean I'd hope that most people aren't filling their cereal bowls with candy and stuff normally at home, haha, but this would be a great "special treat" place.  It's in a pretty high-traffic area especially with the zoo nearby, so I'm assuming that this place will do well with the families and cereal-loving adults alike.  Check it out if you get a chance!


  1. @SNC, @Shannon, @Ilana: Thanks for commenting! I probably wouldn't think to go there that often but it's a cute idea.

  2. I can't wait to visit this place! Cereal lovers rejoice!

  3. @Sarah: Thanks for commenting! Let me know how you like the place when you try it out.