Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Some Starbucks Musings

A few things of note that I felt worth sharing about Starbucks that I've noticed/thought about lately:

  • If you are getting an iced drink, ask for "Light Ice".  This is more than enough ice to keep your drink cold, without being left with a full cup of ice after finishing your drink.  It also doesn't water down your drink as much or as quickly.  Most importantly, "Light Ice" will theoretically give you more of your drink :o)
  • If you go to Starbucks even semi-regularly, it would benefit you to buy and register a gift card for their rewards program.  You get free customization (like soy milk, flavored syrups, etc.) that you normally have to pay extra for, plus other nice extras for no membership charge. 
  • DOUBLE CHOCOLATY CHIP FRAPPUCCINO. How the F did I not know about this before???  I will probably give this a try soon, but the slightly less scary-calorie version (Tall without whipped cream).


  1. thanks for reminding me! i got a new one that i hadn't registered yet. AND found out i had two different accts :)

  2. I like the "light ice" tip! Thanks!

  3. sooo true on the ice! Nice call!!

  4. Thanks for commenting, everyone! Hope it was helpful :o)

  5. I never thought to register for a card - thanks!