Thursday, April 1, 2010

Japanarama: Navona Cakes

Mmm... puffy.

First up for review from my "Japan-in-a-box" package are the Navona cakes, or as I call them, "Japanese whoopie pies".  As you can see they're shaped pretty much like whoopie pies, but texture-wise they are a lot lighter in both the cake and cream filling components.  The cakes had an interesting crackled texture to them that you can see in the photo.  The one above is the vanilla flavor, but the strawberry one was the cutest looking, with specks of fresh strawberry inside the filling.  Unfortunately there's really no way to get these here, unless you go to Japan and pick them up from wherever they might be available....sorry!  But they were so cute that I just wanted to share :o)


  1. Thanks for rubbing it in. :P

    P.S Thanks for the linky! I've been on Bakerella but b/c I'm such a noob in the kitchen I've never baked any of her recipes. I just stare and drool basically. Someday... XD

  2. Ive never been a fan of American whoopie pies because theyre so sweet....but since this is lighter in texture, I would imagine they would be less sweet. ~sigh~ I need to go to Japan to fill up my pantry. :-)

  3. @SNC: Haha! Well I felt weird posting about it but it was so cute I had to share! And yes Bakerella is amazing to look at and drool, haha.

    @Swtest2Lips: I know, I wish I could just get Japanese pastries ALL the time too :o)