Monday, April 12, 2010

Madden Girl Spring Shoes!

Yay for more fun shoes!  I bought these online because they were super cute, but also because DSW was running some great specials that week.  If you aren't already, I would absolutely recommend becoming a DSW member (it's free) because they offer so many coupons, discounts, and fun stuff in general. 

Ok, onto the shoes.  The Stoneham gladiator sandals are unbelievably comfortable, and the straps haven't bugged me once- a common issue with strappy gladiator flats.  I am definitely going to get another pair in a different color- the only problem is deciding on what color to get!

The Kallista shoes are cute, but not quite as successful.  I love the strappy look of them, and the platform base makes these shoes v. comfortable.  However, the back heel is a little high for me? possibly, and after a long time of walking around, left some marks on the back of my legs- ouch.  Also, the front toe opening caused some damage to my skin as well.  I think I'll try these again though, maybe for less walking, and hopefully they will stretch out a little, since I really do like them otherwise!



  1. Fun shoes! You've been buying quite a bit huh? ;) Yeah, maybe the Kallista shoes just need to be broken in. Congrats on winning that mascara!

  2. @SNC: I can't stay away from DSW, haha! Yeah that's what I'm hoping, cus I really like the look of them!!

  3. I can't wait to try mine! I need an excuse to wear them :)

  4. @Shannon: Yes, hopefully not for long-distance running in them though, haha.