Thursday, April 8, 2010

Review: Cargo Lash Activator Night

I won this CARGO Lash Activator Night a while back from the Makeup Junkie blog, but wanted to wait on posting about it until after I'd used it for a while, since it's not a "quick-fix" type of product.

I wasn't really sure what to expect from this product- I'm realistic enough to realize that I'm not going to wake up looking like I'm wearing great falsies, haha.  However, I am pleasantly surprised by this product.  I have seen a little bit of an increase in the thickness of my lashes overall, and have found that less lashes are randomly falling out.  There is also a coordinating Lash Activator mascara, if anyone's interested in trying that out.  It's sometimes hard to remember to put this on at night, but I am looking forward to using it and seeing if my current results last/get better!

Thank you to Makeup Junkie and CARGO cosmetics for having such a great giveaway! 


  1. Haven't heard of this product. Good to hear you're seeing results. :)

  2. @SNC: Every little bit helps for my wimpy lashes, haha.