Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Georgetown Cupcake: Easter Cupcakes

Easter Buttercream, Easter cupcake

I don't celebrate Easter in the real sense, but I love all of the "stuff" associated with it, ha!  Everything is cute pastel colors, candy, and all fun stuff :o)

I went to Georgetown Cupcake on Easter to try out the free Easter Buttercream cupcake (left), and then figured I might as well pick up one of the Easter cupcakes too, since it's the only day it's available. Not surprisingly, the line was growing even before the store opened- mostly people picking up large Easter party pre-orders.  The Easter Buttercream cupcake was a vanilla cake with what I believe was their vanilla buttercream frosting, dyed purple as you can see in the photo.  The Easter cupcakes came in both vanilla and chocolate (cake and frosting), so I picked a chocolate cake/vanilla frosting option since the free one was a vanilla cake already.  I believe these were just their regular Vanilla & Chocolate and Chocolate & Vanilla cupcakes, but super cute with the addition of Easter-themed fondant cutouts.  Side-by-side, you could definitely taste a difference between the frostings, but both were delicious and put me in the mood for "spring" for sure :o)     


  1. We need us some Georgetown Cupcakes here!! Btw, I have no clue who makes those nude shoes (your last post) but I agree they are sex-ay. =D

  2. @SNC: I'll trade you for the Kogi truck and Pinkberry, haha!

    @Ilana/Ashley: I know so cute!!