Monday, April 5, 2010

Review: First-time Shamrock Shakin'

This post got lost in the shuffle of uploading photos, unfortunately, but I felt it was worth posting.  Fact: I've never had a McDonald's Shamrock Shake before.  Not that it was on my Bucket List or anything, but I figured I'd give it a try eventually.  T was on board to try it out also, as she hadn't ever had it either.  Funny how Twitter really can bring people together in the randomest ways, haha.  

This stuff started out pretty scary-looking.  I mean just look at that photo!  It basically seemed like their regular vanilla milkshake with this radioactive-looking green goo swirled in haphazardly....errrr.  But after a thorough mix, it turned into a lightly minty shake with a less scary looking green hue to it.  

Overall, I don't really get the hype- maybe people love it mainly because it's NOT available year-round?  Or really really really love McD's no matter what?  But it wasn't as bad as I imagined, I will say, especially after mixing the green goo thoroughly into the shake.  Either way, yay to T and myself for no longer being Sham-Shake virgins, ha!    


  1. I kinda like McD's Shamrock shake....but I can't take to much cuz' it's just to sweet for me...K, I have to ask you something...cuz' i have friends that we're going to bring to DC do you know any great place to have lunch & dinner near Pennsylvania Ave.??thanks...

  2. adin_22 (xxx) - I am not an expert, but recently spent 10 days in DC. Two of my favorites in the area close to Pennsylvania Ave. are "Old Ebbitt Grille" and "Founding Farmers." both are excellent. And for an extra treat, go to the POV at the top of the "W" Hotel and enjoy a cocktail. But do check with Tammy Gordon on Twitter or Facebook.

  3. I'm still a Sham-Shake virgin...haha! Though I'm not much for minty shakes so probably won't happen. XP

  4. @adin_22: I agree with all 3 of Betty's suggestions, as well as checking out Tammy's blog (linked from this post as "T" above).

    I'd also recommend Central for a fun, bistro atmopshere with yummy food.

  5. @Betty: Thank you for helping out @adin_22!

    @SNC: I wouldn't say you're missing much, haha.

  6. Thanks K & betty.....definitely check those place out....much appreciated...