Friday, April 16, 2010

Zen Tara Tea, Bethesda

I love tea, and I have my personal preferences, but I'm always looking to learn more about different types of tea that are available.  I recently heard about Zen Tara Tea in Bethesda, but didn't get a chance to make it out there until I heard about their Tea Tastings they offer a few times a month. 

 N and I went to the April Fool's themed "A Fool For Tea or Can Tea Fool You?" tasting, and it was a fun experience! It was a little different from their regular classes, in that we had to taste and guess what type of tea it was before finding out (vs. tasting and learning about each tea without guessing first).  It was definitely interesting- some teas are easier than others to figure out (like a light green tea vs. black Earl Grey tea) but to figure out exactly what tea it is can be pretty challenging!  Overall it was a v. informative, friendly class, and you get packets of free samples, as well as information about each tea.  The classes are v. small (around 10 people max.) so I'd recommend reserving a spot ahead of time if any upcoming classes sound interesting to you.   


  1. All that tea looks great! Fun Event!

  2. Sounds really fun! I'd totally suck at the guessing part...haha!!

  3. @Shannon: We should go for a Saturday one sometime.

    @SNC: I know I def thought I'd do better than I actually did, haha.