Monday, April 5, 2010

Restaurant Review: Desserts at Bourbon Steak, DC

Ah, the power of suggestion.  Recently, Bourbon Steak announced via Twitter that they were serving Nutella ice cream - I think no less than 4 people immediately responded talking about how amazing that sounded, haha.  Luckily, I didn't have to wait too long to go- N and I were able to find a non-rainy day to meet up and try it out one night after work. 

The restaurant is located inside the Four Seasons hotel in Georgetown- swanky, indeed.  We sat out on the patio of the restaurant- lots of tables and couches, fire pits and heating lamps- v. nice!  We received some complimentary spiced nuts to munch on while we perused the menu.

Make sure to ask for the dining room dessert menu- that's where all the fun stuff is, haha!  In addition to it not raining on us, we were pretty lucky that the day we were going = the day they were introducing a new dessert, called Chocolate Three Ways (below):

So many great desserts on the full menu!

Moscow Mule

I ordered a Moscow Mule to drink- Ketel One, fresh lime, and ginger beer- YUM! It was super refreshing and delicious.  They have a LOT of cocktails and drinks to choose from- check out the menu here

Chocolate Three Ways

The Chocolate Three Ways dessert is literally like a piece of art- so pretty!!  From the left, it's the Ovaltine-soaked Devil's food cake, then the Chocolate custard with red velvet cake crumbles, and finally the Chocolate brownie with rosemary syrup, tuiles, and ice cream on top.  N and I enjoyed all of the dishes, but we agreed that the Ovaltine-soaked Devil's food cake was the best- rich, creamy, some texture from the chocolate shavings, so so good!  So happy we got to try this on its "debut"!


And finally, the main reason we came here- the Nutella ice cream!!  Cute presentation, little quenelles of chocolate hazelnut goodness.  We agreed though that we were expecting more of a mixed-in Nutella (like fudge ripple ice cream) instead of a blended Nutella ice cream...but obviously, we weren't complaining since it tasted so good! 

I'm not going to lie and say that this place is cheap- Hello, it's a well-established steakhouse in the Four Seasons Georgetown, haha.  But it's got a great patio area, fantastic and friendly service, and really creative desserts.  The rest of the menu sounded fantastic too- their duck fat fries and lobster corn dogs are definitely on my radar for my next visit!  


  1. My jaw pretty much dropped when I read "Ovaltine-soaked Devil's food cake". I grew up drinking this stuff! Looks like you two had a super fab time indeed.

  2. @SNC: Funny! I never had Ovaltine (it's sort of like Nestle Quik, right? I think?) but it was really good in the cake!