Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tarte Goodies

Tarte Cosmetics recently had a 40% off sale online, which was really fantastic and I obviously couldn't pass it up.  My main purchase was the Park Avenue Princess mineral powder bronzer- I've probably gone through about 4 of these since I first tried a sample from Sephora, I love it that much.  The powder itself is really fine and blends really really well.  Also, I can layer on more color as my face gets darker in the summer, but still use it year-round for a little hit of color.  

I also ordered a tube of the multiplEYE primer, since I've become more interested in eyelash primers since I won the one from CARGO.  I've been using this one under my mascara, and it looks a little crazy when you put it on (paints your lashes white), but coats well and builds up some volume which I desperately need.  

I also received a free sample of the Clean Slate primer- which I brought with me to NYC for a weekend trip, and reminded me how great face primer is.  It's such an easy step but makes your skin so smooth and better prepared to hold your makeup all day.  Loves it!  If you sign up for Tarte's newsletter, you can find out about upcoming sales and specials they have on their site- it's definitely worth it, especially for sales like this!      


  1. i've tried a few face primers, but i dont remember what i thought about them.

    i know the mac fix+ breaks me out like whoa.
    does the primer also moisturize? cause then it'd be a 2-in-1 step!

  2. @nicole: This Tarte one does moisturize, but I use a separate moisturizer that has SPF in it (which this doesn't). I think Stila makes a moisturing primer with SPF 15 which might be a good one to try.

  3. Is Park Avenue Princess nice for contouring too?

  4. @SNC: I think for your skin it would be since you can build up the color pretty well to your liking. But try it out in the store to make sure haha.