Thursday, March 3, 2011

Georgetown Cupcake - Chocolate Banana Cupcake

Check out that awesome frosting swirl!  One of the better ones I've seen to date from Georgetown Cupcake, haha.  Perfectly centered with even top and bottom swirl layers.  Yeah there's a few air bubbles but structurally, fantastic. 

Anyway, onto the actual cupcake, haha.  This one is their Chocolate Banana cupcake: "Valrhona chocolate and fresh banana cupcake with a banana frosting topped with a yellow fondant flower" (or in the wintertime, a yellow fondant snowflake).  I liked the cake, as it was a nice mix of chocolate cake and banana bread in both flavor and texture.  The frosting I could probably do without, as the banana flavor is very strong, in an artificial way.  I would probably prefer their regular vanilla cream cheese frosting with the cake as is, if I was able to choose.  If you're a fan of chocolate and a strong banana flavor, I'd recommend this cupcake for sure.  Worst case, if the banana frosting is too strong, just scrape some of it off :o)

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